16 NSFWBDs React To Jarvis Landry's Hard Knocks Speech

It was the speech heard round the world of the NSFWBDs and it hit home for a majority of the BDs who were watching Hard Knocks last night as the new wide receiver in town went TF OFF on a receiving corps that is expected to show up big time this season now that the Browns are paying Jarvis Landry a 5-year, $75 million contract.
Someone has to step up to take all the pressure off Landry and he wasted no time looking for a running mate who will be the one to take some of the scraps. Josh Gordon wasn’t in the receivers room because he’s in Gainesville training with some random dude who posted a bunch of the videos to IG this week. It won’t be Corey Coleman because his ass was shipped off to Buffalo.
The BDs clearly know what is in Landry’s heart here. He didn’t sign a big contract just to cash in and play for a team that has a 1-31 streak going. We’re one week into Hard Knocks and we already have a contender for the best speech in Hard Knocks history. This is a great start to the season.
Even Dez is in. Dez to the Browns?






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