Vikings Fan Caught Performing Oral On Wife In Walmart Parking Lot

via The Smoking Gun

Minnesota couple Frank and Shantell Nei learned a very valuable lesson over the weekend: (allegedly) engaging in oral sex in a Walmart parking lot isn’t the best idea. Also frowned upon is driving impaired and violating a domestic abuse non-contact order (DANCO) for that matter.

Frank and Shantell are both in some trouble after a police officer discovered what they were up to outside a Walmart Supercenter in Mankato.

Highlights from the statement of probable cause (via The Smoking Gun):

Upon his arrival, Officer Hoppe notes that he located the van parked and running and approached the vehicle to observe a female, later identified as Shantell Nei, laid back in her seat with her pants down and exposed from the waist down. Officer Hoppe observed the male party, later identified as Frank Nei, leaned over across the center of the vehicle performing an oral sex act upon Shantell Nei. Officer Hoppe knocked on the window and yelled for them to stop. He noticed the male was also exposed with his shorts down to his knees.

Officer Hoppe reports he then observed both parties really seemed out of it, but he could not smell any odor of alcohol. The male ended up advising that he had been drinking alcohol and the female advised she had taken sleep medication but denied driving. Officer Hoppe noted her speech was very lethargic and slow.

Frank is facing charges of indecent exposure and violating the DANCO while Shantell was hit with indecent exposure and driving while impaired. It’s worth noting Frank told police his wife drove because she wanted to give him “head.”

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