Mike Fiers Addresses Liking A Tweet That Said "Hit Stanton In The Mouth"


The Oakland Athletics added some pitching on Monday by acquiring Mike Fiers from the Detroit Tigers. That should be the story right there: the cheap-ass A’s, who have the third lowest payroll in the MLB, opened up the wallet to add a middling pitcher as they make their random charge for the Wild Card game.
Instead, there’s a secondary story making the rounds on Twitter because Fiers apparently liked a tweet from a Tigers fan calling for him to “hit [Giancarlo] Stanton in the mouth.” Why does a Tigers fan want to punish Stanton? Who knows, but Fiers liked it:

Fiers, of course, drilled Stanton in the face back in 2014, which left a mark or two on the slugger:


The righty had an explanation for this Tuesday, tweeting that he was going through congratulatory tweets so fast that he somehow liked it:
People, specifically Yankees fans, on Twitter fired back by asking why he blocked people who tweeted at him:

Fiers and Stanton had some minor drama back in June:

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