Mike Fiers Plunks Giancarlo Stanton Again, This Time Not In The Face

Back in 2014, Mike Fiers delivered an 88-mph fastball to the face of then-Marlins slugger Giancarlo Stanton. The outfielder suffered facial fractures as a result of the beaning and had to miss the rest of the season, so yeah, he probably loathes the guy — and rightfully so, imagine someone messing up your moneymaker like this:


Stanton experienced a bit of a flashback moment on Monday, as a meeting with Fiers ended in familiar fashion: A HBP, albeit to the elbow and not the face. Words were exchanged by the two but the situation didn’t really escalate from there.

Revenge would come for Stanton in the sixth as he got a hold a hanging breaking ball:

Despite that bomb Stanton isn’t even close to even with Fiers. He could hit 10 more home runs off the guy and it still wouldn’t equalize the fastball to the mug.

Fiers probably doesn’t have to apologize on Twitter this time, at least:


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