Irish Tourist Goes Fully Nude Streaking At Safeco Field

Sometimes we throw the word streaker around too casually here when a fan runs onto the field, but last night we had ourselves a legit, fully nude streaker at Safeco Field. If you’re keeping track at home, this is fan #2 on the season to make his way onto the field in Seattle and the first to really go balls to the wall (yup, pun intended) totally naked.

Before we get deeper into this story, let’s take a look at our naked friend’s journey through the outfield last night.

Decent effort from this guy. We don’t know how much running he was doing before the cameras started rolling. But you’ll always get more praise from me if you really go the extra mile and let the hog breathe out there.
Now as we get deeper into the story with more details, it turns out this man is from Ireland on a trip with his buddies, which makes so much sense. Of course, the first “streaker” to actually live up to the name is an Irishman. All these Americans who have been doing it basically fully clothed this season just got dunked on by an Irish tourist who had one too many lagers last night. Time for us to be better. And time for us to donate to this man’s GoFundMe to bail him out of prison.

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