Danica Patrick Made Her First Of Many Lambeau Field Appearances










I’m not sure where BC, as a collective, currently stands on the Danica Patrick-Aaron Rodgers relationship. I know when they first went public back in February, that BC Joe’s take on the matter was that this was a 100% fake relationship concocted by Danica to keep her in the news throughout her retirement races in the spring. If that’s true, it’s worked so far as she’s parlayed it into hosting the ESPY’s (featuring Rodgers in a skit) and consistently kept herself in the news for the better part of 5 months now.
I’m still not convinced it’s fake. I feel like if it was, the break-up would’ve happened by now. The ESPY’s are over, Rodgers has already gone to training camp and is now in full football mode. His job is done now. So maybe this has actually been real the whole time.
Now she’s making appearances at Lambeau. Not even for an actual game. She was there to watch Aaron practice yesterday. Either this is an all-time commitment to publicity fueled relationship, or this is the real deal.


Now I’m hoping this carries into this season. We all love the girlfriend of the QB sitting in the box seats for the camera cutaways on Sunday. Danica being the girlfriend takes that to another level. I think we can expect to see more Danica this fall.

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