Buy The Greatest Kansas State Tailgate Bus — $2,500

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Forget about all the other Kansas State tailgate vehicles we’ve posted this offseason. They’re all trash in comparison to this 1984 Chevy Wildcats tailgate bus, which is available in Manhattan for the price of $2,500. The seller refers to it as “the greatest tailgating party bus of this or any generation” — a bold claim that probably isn’t true, but you have to respect this cat for going all out in his sales pitch.
via Craigslist
According to the ad, the bus has enjoyed a longer tailgating tenure than Bill Snyder and was purchased when Ron Prince was the head coach. The interior has been gutted of the original bus seats in favor of bench seats (with seatbelts) and features a Mount Rushmore mural with Snyder heads. The bus also comes with random stuff like game-worn shoulder pads, a grill, a painting of Jesus praying over a semitruck, and much more.
Noteworthy snippets from the colorful description:

For sale: Friggin’ sweet 1984 Chevy tailgating bus. We purchased this bus when Ron Prince was head coach of the ‘Cats. Luckily it’s lasted a lot longer than Ron did. As a matter of fact, it’s had a longer tenure in Manhattan than Coach Snyder. I guess you could say this is the Bill Snyder of early mid-80s school busses. As you can probably tell, is my intention to sell this bus to a Kansas State fan. KU fans can go suck an egg. It’s not like you guys go to the games anyway.

When you look at the odometer at first glance you might be like “oh snap that’s a ton of miles” but just think about it this way: it’s only traveled the circumference of the Earth approximately 10 times. But miles aside, this thing runs like a flippin’ champ. Turn the key and drive anywhere. It has been stored on a farm and cared for during the offseason by my homeboy Galen who is a master mechanic (for reals). Ronna also lives there and she always has THE BEST cookies. I bet if you come over for a test drive she can hook you up with a snickerdoodle.

Remarkably there is very little rust on this old bird….just a touch above a wheel well. I painted those sweet exterior old-school KSU logos myself (no big deal). It has a KS license plate that says “FUNKBUS” and if you’re real nice I’ll let you keep that. Tires are all good and all hold air. Roof doesn’t leak and is strong…at one point in like 2009 we actually had a rap artist perform up there. He was p. good

Normally this is where I’d say you can find something better, but all you need is a $500 investment from four other people in your party to get this thing. Could be a steal!
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via Craigslist
via Craigslist

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