De'Aaron Fox Has Thoughts On Blake Griffin Paying $258K A Month On Child Support

Strap up. That was the message sent to men everywhere on the heels of Blake Griffin reportedly agreeing to pay $258,000 a month (over $3 million a year) in child support to his ex, Brynn Cameron.

It’s an L for Blake, no doubt, but I’m not stressing too much for him — he signed a $173 million contract in 2017 and has already made $126 million in his NBA career. He should be fine as long as he doesn’t go around impregnating more women who just want to secure the bag.
That being said, $258K is quite the tab. Intern Danny noted in his article that Brynn will be making more than 28 NBA players next season. Kings sophomore De’Aaron Fox is apparently one of them, after taxes:

Fox, who’s making around $4.7 million in 2018, had some more fun with Blake’s situation on his IG story:
swipathefox/Instagram Story
Fortunately for Kings fans, this is unlikely to happen.

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