20 NSFWBDs React To Tristan Thompson Two Piecing Draymond Green Report

If you wanted sports talk radio to stop yapping about the anthem protest stuff, it’s your lucky day because there’s a report that Tristan Thompson sized up Draymond Green at an ESPYs afterparty and two pieced his punk ass. Cleveland is LIT AF right now over the news and so are the NSFWBDs. This is just what I need to get me to actual NFL stuff here in a couple weeks when teams start creating some news.
Of course you know the back story with these two. The Finals. Draymond pretty much calling Tristan a bitch multiple times and Tristan pretty much left with no choice but to confront the bully when they crossed paths. The overall feeling from the BDs is that Tristan did what he had to do and they’re suddenly pro-Tristan even after all the drama he’s caused by plugging a Kardashian.
So here we are with the newest NBA drama and all that comes with it. Over course Khloe will have some sort of reaction that will end up on the magazines. Kim will figure out some sort of angle. There will be multiple follow-up questions that cause even more controversy. Maybe the NBA is my new jam since the NFL has gotten so damn boring.


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