22 NSFWBDs Analyze The Kawhi For Demar Trade

It was the trade that absolutely shocked Demar DeRozan and Kawhi Leonard. It was also the trade that shocked the NSFWBDs because, as they keep saying, Pops shipped Kawhi’s ass right out of the country and wasn’t playing games. Demar was shocked. Kawhi seemed to be shocked, according to his people. Blah, blah, blah.
The BDs don’t think Kawhi has the balls to sit another year and then hookup with Bron Bron. Of course they think he should man up and play this season and then go get his spot on the Lakers. At this point they’re just tired of Kawhi’s drama, even though the NBA is now built on drama. At some point it’s too much drama and it starts taking the fun out of the drama.
Let’s go to the tweets and stop trying to fill the Google algorithm character limit which I’m not going to hit in this post.

27 NSFWBDs React To LeBron Signing With Lakers
27 NSFWBDs React To LeBron Signing With Lakers
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