Astros Streaker In American Flag Underwear Puts Security Guards On Skates

the streaker definitely happened @Chandler_Rome

— abigail richter (@richter_abbi) July 28, 2018

I think we’re on our way to setting a record for most streakers in a single baseball season. We’re getting close to double digits here and we haven’t even hit the trade deadline yet. Also, that’s not even counting the guys who didn’t get caught on video because security got to them too quickly.

The most recent streaker we’ve seen have been setting the bar pretty high. The Coors Field kid a couple weeks back would’ve made it to freedom if it wasn’t for some hardass fan laying the wood to him right after he jumped the wall.

This patriotic streaker at the Astros game put on a decent display as well before the cops caught up to him. He was looking like prime Barry Sanders out there for a moment. Had a couple of these out-of-shape security guards on ice skates. I mean, just look at this photo:

So the #Astros news of the day is the Ryan Pressly acquisition but I can't get over this hilarious @usatsimg photo of a streaker hitting the jukestick on security at Minute Maid

— Brandon Scott (@brandonkscott) July 28, 2018

Buddy on the right had zero shot. That’s a man who hasn’t done a wind sprint in ages. That’s how you end up looking like the two Vikings Mike Vick embarrassed back in ’02.

Let’s keep the streakers coming. I want to see some real athletes run out there and give these security guards even more of a challenge. I want to see more middle-aged men getting juked back out of their shoes.

More angles!

Streaker at the Astros game!!!😂😂😂

— Aaron Bryant (@aronwbryant) July 28, 2018

#Streaker at #astros game putting guard on skates! 😂

— Luis Licerio (@lmlicerio) July 28, 2018