Streaker At Coors Field Almost Escapes Security Before Getting Blasted By A Fellow Fan

Well this just happened at the #Rockies game

— Jordan Sherman (@JShermanwx) July 15, 2018

This is a new one I don’t think I’ve seen from a baseball streaker. Every week it seems like we have one now and it usually ends with them getting slammed by a pack of security guards somewhere either in the outfield or infield, depending on where they jumped the wall.

I’m not sure I’ve ever seen a guy run onto the field, escape security, make his way to the other side of the field and over the wall into the bleachers. That alone is impressive and rare. Never in a million years did I expect a fellow fan to form tackle this guy. Just when he thought he had freedom. What a twist!

I mean, look at this form! Perfect technique.

@SportsCenter fan demolished streaker @Rockies game

— Borracho™️🤘🏽 (@Brian2Gauna) July 15, 2018

Low hips, head to the side, drove the legs. Get this kid a goddamn scholarship.

And even though he got blasted, I still want to give credit to the streaker for even making it that far. No chance he thought Mike Singletary was going to be waiting for him on the other side of that wall.

Here is the hero

Here you go, the hero Gotham needed tonight at #CoorsField #Rockies

— Jordan Sherman (@JShermanwx) July 15, 2018