Rachel Bush & Jordan Poyer Have Some Housekeeping To Take Care Of











The DMs have been piling up for weeks (since just after July 4th, I think) from guys wondering what’s up with Rachel Bush (friend of the site) and Bills DB Jordan Poyer. “Bro, did you see that Rachel deleted all her IGs of Jordan?” Or the “Rachel deleted this tweet” DM. Or the “Rachel Bush is single. Poyer cheated,” messages.
I received screenshots earlier this month of deleted tweets that seemed to indicate some issues between the two, but I stayed quiet. Honestly, I was just trying to get through a day of work, go golf and hit the pool. It was mid-July and you guys always yell at me to stick to sports.
Guys, I’m trying to stay out of this situation the best I can, but it seems that Rachel has started to open up about what has been going on during the dog days of July. Poyer is back to camp and the last I saw on IG Story was that Rachel is enjoying time in the Adirondacks or wherever she grew up. I’m not going to get all gossipy here because that’s not what we do. I’ll let the Poyers, who got married back in February, sort things out on Twitter.

I’ll report, you decide. All I want to know is if this situation is going to cause any problems with the Bills because if it does, I want to hammer the UNDER 6.5 (as of June 27) total wins. Things like this can cause a team to spiral out of control. One DB with his head in a different place is all it takes. My prediction is that a little time apart during camp will do both of them some good and they’ll rebound to get locked in for Week 1 against the Ravens.

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