Croatian Claudia's Team Is Heading To The World Cup Final

There were so many great stats being thrown around on Twitter yesterday after Croatia crushed England’s dream of bringing it home on their way to the World Cup Final. The population stats were my favorite. Things like Croatia basically having the same population as Kentucky or half of NYC. Just around 4.2 million people in that little country and they’re about to play big bad France on the biggest stage while our USMNT sits here at home with their thumbs up their asses.

Belichick being on the bandwagon doesn’t hurt either. It’s pretty crazy that a country with that few people made this kind of run. If I remember correctly, they were hovering around 30-1 to win the thing heading in. But apparently, this country is just chock full of incredible athletes and gorgeous women.
While the men have been doing their thing on the pitch, let’s not forget about the display these Croatian ladies have been putting on over the last month. Early in the tournament, before this team could even imagine making it to the World Cup Final, we met Croatian pole Ivana Knoll who was dominating those flimsy ass bleachers from the get-go.

Today we meet Croatian Claudia, who’s a student based in Switzerland, but that hasn’t stopped her crushing IG all month during this run. We gotta get her and Ivana posted up together at mid-field for the final on Sunday. Some super-rich European guy needs to make this happen.

[IG – Claudia]

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