Looks Like Bill Belichick Is Hopping On The Croatian Bandwagon For The World Cup

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Well, I guess since the USMNT pulled an all-time choke job last October in the qualifying, all of us Americans are going to need to pick a different squad to root for this time around if we’re going to get into the World Cup. Either that or we could just gamble on every game.
Bill Belichick had an easy decision for his rooting interest over the next few weeks. His grandfather was a Croatian immigrant who came over here in the late-1800s, so this choice was a no-brainer for him. He was up in Toronto last night for some sort of speaking engagement and while he was there, officially announced his allegiances to the Croatian national team and their World Cup endeavors.
From Facebook:

It was a night to remember, learning about leadership and success from one of the greatest football coaches in NFL history – Bill Belichick (who won the Super Bowl five times as coach of the New England Patriots).

Thanks to CIBC and its CEO (Victor Dodig) for hosting the evening. It was great to hear that Bill is so proud of his Croatian heritage and that he is geared up to cheer for Croatia in its quest to hoist the World Cup, which kicks off in Russia this week!
(Bill’s grandfather, Ivan Biličić, immigrated to the United States in 1897 from the Karlovac region of Croatia while his grandmother, Mary Barković, arrived one year later from Karlovac as well. For more background info, visit – http://www.croatianhistory.net/etf/bilic.html).

I never took Bill as a huge soccer guy, so I doubt he’s digging in deep to watch these early morning games from Russia. Just showing some love to his heritage. Can’t knock that. Although, I wouldn’t put it past him to find the next great Pats kicker out of this.



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