Charles Barkley's Golf Swing Actually Looks Better This Summer

It’s that time of year again where Charles Barkley unleashes his golf swing on the fun loving crowd at the American Century Championship in Tahoe where Chuck will eventually get on stage at the hotel/casino/resort party room and take control of the microphone and DJing responsibilities. He’s been known to buy beers for everyone in the room and get all LIT AF with Jerry Rice. We’ve been covering this event on BC for years and I can’t seem to remember a year where Chuck didn’t do it up big time for the fans.
The big difference this year appears to be Chuck on the tee box. If the above video is any indication, he might have a slight shot of not finishing last again this year.
He’s 6000-1 to win the ACC, but a better bet would be the odds on Charles finishing last. He’s owned that spot for years, finishing -91 (not in a good way) last year. That was still a long way from next to last Derek Fisher who finished at -73.
The action gets rolling Friday in Tahoe where Mark Mulder is looking to make it a four-peat. Yes, they gave Barkley a late tee time because he’ll be out all night; he goes off at 9:51 with Chris Webber. How about this three-some: Jim McMahon, Steve Young and David Wells. I’d be following that group.

Here’s 2017 on the range at Tahoe:

While I’m on the subject, how about Chuck’s baseball swing back in 2016. Priceless.

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