Crazy Kentucky Neighbors Feud IS ON – AGAIN – This Time Via Weed Eater Attack

I know for sure this isn’t our first rodeo with Thomas McMullan and his crazy neighbor Larry Haynes who’ve been going at it in Bullitt County, Kentucky for a few years now. McMullan always has video rolling when he and Larry get into it and then the news gets its hands on the video. Larry, in my opinion, is certifiably nuts, but the cops usually just chalk up his battles with McMullan as neighborhood disputes that calm down once cooler heads prevail.
Well, the two combatants were back at it Sunday and this time Larry had a weed eater that might’ve got loose and whacked the shitt out of Thomas.
From WDRB:

A Bullitt County man says his crazy old neighbor attacked him with a weed wacker and chewed through his flesh. Thomas McMullan looks like he fought with an animal and lost. He’s scratched up and scarred from his chest to his neck after the dispute Sunday with his next-door neighbor on Brooks Hill Road. “I got to watch how I move my arm, because it pulls, and it wants to pull back apart in here,” he said gingerly, touching the wounds.

“Call the police,” McMullan said in the video. “He just attacked me with the fu***** weed eater.” 

The weed wacker attack is far from the first incident between the Haynes and the McMullans. In fact, in the last four years, records show there have been 40 911 calls between their homes, bringing cops to the property line.

Independence Day seems like a trigger point for the feuding families. The McMullans captured another encounter on video from July 2016, in which Haynes uses a racial slur.
“Your wife sucks Nig**r di**!” Haynes shouts in the video while taunting party-goes to cross his property line.
“He pulled a gun over trash in his yard for fireworks with eight kids in my yard,” Thomas’ wife Amanda McMullan’s said of the 2016 incident. “I had it all on video, and they did nothing. It was dismissed.”

General ballpark of where this feud is going down:

Thomas and Amanda during happier times:
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