LeBron James Enjoying Pool Time, Caroline Wozniacki About To Crush A Beach & Gisele Yoga

About to be some unemployed people in Vegas

From the LVRJ:

More hospitality robots are calling the Strip home.

Vdara has put into circulation a pair of three-foot-high robots to deliver amenities likes shaving and dental kits as well as food from the property’s cafe, the property said in a statement Monday.

Vdara is at least the second property in Las Vegas to employ the Relay robots made by Silicon Valley start-up Savioke. Renaissance Hotel installed two models in January ahead of the the Consumer Electronics Show. Rising Star Hotel in Mesquite, Nevada has also incorporated a Relay robot into its property.

The hospitality industry is experiencing a wave of technological disruption that is altering the way people check in to how they receive information and hotel amenities.

And here’s the kicker…the robots go for $2,000 a month. Uh, how many of those do you think these corporate behemoths are going to lease? Holy savings. The problem at some point is that we’ll eventually have to talk people into picking tomatoes and cucumbers instead of working in hospitality over on the Vegas Strip. Next 20 years are going to be WILD. Tell your kids right now to get an engineering degree. Robotics would be suggested.

Numbers from :

Trae Young went 6-35 (17.1%) from 3-pt range over his first 5 Summer League games combined

He was far better from beyond the arc today, going 7-13 as the Hawks defeated the Bulls, 101-93

In his only season at Oklahoma, Young had the most PPG in both Big 12 and Oklahoma history pic.twitter.com/DghKsXnyTR

— ESPN Stats & Info (@ESPNStatsInfo) July 10, 2018

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wake up from a good drunk & is on my phone GTFO pic.twitter.com/NmmthsfqqN

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@bustedcoverage Tanaka fueling up at a bbq before coming off the dl tonight https://t.co/w2o7Quqr73
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Langston Galloway has one hell of an agent pic.twitter.com/oADPcUBJa3

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The Warriors have a guy on their summer league team whose name looks like someone sat on a keyboard pic.twitter.com/M9oPtK7rp6

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In order to fill empty stadiums Russians involuntarily put local homeless as spectators pic.twitter.com/xcnvzt6Xu7

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‚ÄúLemons salad‚ÄĚ pic.twitter.com/ioahsllESe

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You know… just a regular Monday morning commute in NYC….. pic.twitter.com/ywz4EXeVNt

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61 innings? That has be a record! (via @notbenroth) pic.twitter.com/gwnOcb3XfP

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Mumford & Sons playing to a packed house at Cedar Point pic.twitter.com/0whYdCmFJl

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