Elsa Hosk Raises The Pool-kini Bar, Gordon Hayward Is Sad & Steve Sarkisian Gets Drilled By USC


HERE WE GOOOOOOOO…2 p.m. FOX FIFA World Cup, semifinal, France vs. Belgium, at St. Petersburg, Russia…we’re also to the women’s quarters at Wimbledon on ESPN….poker is still going strong…same with Tour de France…baseball (normal July night)…Summer League where you can watch a bunch of guys who’ll never play in the NBA and some tape delayed beach volleyball.
Elsa Hosk out here raising the bar for all the other bikini supermodels
Cloon Dogg scooter accident and there are pics
Former Indiana QB claims coach made this Hitler statement
Gordon Hayward crushed to find out his wife is having another girl
Steve Sarkisian gets drilled by USC in court re: wrongful termination suit
Thai soccer team gets World Cup Final invite…better heal up fast, boys
Florida TV station sends pregnant reporter out into Florida heat to pick up trash
Here’s Victoria from USC

Kansas Town Hall Speech of the Month

Pulled Pork of the Day


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