Von Miller's Rumored Girlfriend Got "Vonnie" Tattooed Across Her Chest









Von Miller has been rumored to be dating Me’Gan Denise, an IG model/stripper at Floyd Mayweather’s Girl Collection in Vegas, going back to March when he was spotted on a yacht surrounded by about 15-20 other bikini-clad ladies. She was apparently on the yacht as well and they’ve been linked ever since while they drop clues here and there on their respective social media accounts.
It looks like now we finally have some confirmation because yesterday some people noticed that Miller’s girl has brand new tattoo stamped right across her chest that reads “Vonnie” for the world to see.
I think this is all the confirmation you really need.
This is one of those all-time bad decisions. Like, I get that she’s tatted to the gills and probably isn’t too worried about this backfiring, but we all know that tattooing names always ends poorly.
I mean she can’t expect to be together with him forever, right? That’s just not how things work between strippers and professional athletes. You do your thing for a while and then it’s on to the next one. Hopefully, she has a backup plan, but if I was Vonnie, I’d be working on ending this thing as we speak. This is the kind of crazy you need to cut loose quickly.
I guess she could always just get a dog and name him Vonnie.

Want to know why she got it? She answered it herself

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