Gronk Spiked A Bills Hat At A Wedding And Danced All Over It

Another summer wedding season, another video of Gronk stealing the show and spiking something. When I saw this video last night I tweeted that it felt like this was at least the third year in a row that Gronk has spiked something at one of his friends’ weddings. Turns out, this is just the second year. You might remember last year when he picked off the bouquet of flowers and spiked that into oblivion.

I’m sure there are plenty of other times that Gronk got loose and spiked a cupcake or something, we just didn’t catch on camera. This isn’t something you just break out once or twice when people have their phones out. This is his thing. It’s his thing when he scores a TD and it’s his thing at weddings.
Which really begs the question: do you think these brides like having Gronk appear at their wedding? On the surface, it seems like an obvious yes, but think about it. He shows up, he’s immediately the most famous person in the room on what is supposed to her day. Then, when the ceremony wraps up and people start feeling themselves on the dance floor, Gronk steals the show again when he starts spiking shit. So I’m going with no, I bet these chicks hate when he’s there. The groomsmen, on the other hand, is a totally different story.
Side note: this video cut off way too early. He was about to CUT THAT RUG.

Last year’s bouquet spike

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