Tennessee Politician Takes A Ruthless Shot At Butch Jones In His New Ad

We have midterm elections coming up in November, so naturally, we already have congressional candidates out there campaigning and ruining your TV watching experience with 8 billion ads. This is just the tip of the iceberg right now, just wait until we get to the fall when we literally get beat over the head with these things every commercial break.
Enter Jason Emert, who clearly knows what he’s doing with his ad. He knows he’s gotta get his name out there early. Get the internet buzzing, while also locking down some easy early votes in the process. What does he do? He takes a RUTHLESS – borderline unnecessary – shot at former Tennessee coach Butch Jones.
You can’t deny the thinking here. You go the Butch Jones angle and you’re locking down basically all of Knoxville. One thing that entire city can agree on – liberal or conservative – is that they HATE Butch Jones.

It’s been a tough go of it for Butch recently. He gets fired, he goes to Alabama to Saban’s bitch boy “intern”, he’s the butt of thousands of internet jokes like “How does Saban like his coffee”. Just a total fall from grace. From brick by brick to champions of life to doing busy work in the basement of the Bama athletic facility.


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Meet Meghan From Oklahoma
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