As Suspected, Jay Cutler Is Going To Be The Breakout Star On 'Very Cavallari'

Is Jay Cutler really retired for good, or is he going to pull the mercenary act again and bank another $10 million when some poor sap tears an Achilles during training camp? Who knows! It’s very much a fluid situation, so the producers of “Very Cavallari” did the smart thing and made it a plot point on the upcoming reality show.
As you can see below, Kristin asks Jay, who happens to be quite free these days, if he’s 100 percent done with football, to which he responds, “I mean you can’t say 100. Probably.” This sounds boring as hell, but trust me, Jay’s killing it in the aloof retired football player role.

I highly recommend you check out all the clips the “Very Cavallari” Twitter account is tweeting to promote the show, so you can see gold like…

Jay styling Kristin:

And Jay silently steaming over one of Kristin’s friends parking on the lawn:

There’s really no need for Jay to return to football, or start working in a broadcasting booth, reality TV is where the man belongs.

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