Titans OL Taylor Lewan Gets Mistake 'Leman' Tattoo Removed

Michigan Man and Titans OL continues to be one of my favorite offensive linemen in the NFL and that is saying quite a bit since I’m usually anti-Michigan, but some of these guys have grown on me now that they can’t beat Ohio State. It’s actually refreshing to only think of a select few Michigan Men as total tools. Lewan has always been one of those guys who provides solid content and Monday was yet another example.
The two-time Pro Bowler went under the laser to get some tattoos removed, including one on his bicep that reads ‘Leman’ and just might’ve come after a drunken night. I’m speculating there and waiting on verification from Lewan himself.
Lewan wrote on IG:

Let’s not pretend most of us haven’t made this mistake and wished we could take care of it. Ya gotta know when to cut a man. If you have a tattoo and wish to get it removed go to @newlifelasernashvilleand mention my name to get $250 off any package. #NoBadDays

Here’s more ink getting scrubbed. No clue who Steve is.


Still a classic Lewan IG:


Those Who Stay Will Be Bank Robbers…Well, At Least One Will
Those Who Stay Will Be Bank Robbers…Well, At Least One Will
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