Former LeBron Fan Lights Himself On Fire While Burning His LeBron Jersey

I wasn’t going to blog this because it’s like beating a dead horse at this point, but then friends in Cleveland kept sending it to me so here it is. Here is what appears to be a Cleveland local — Browns stomach tat? — lighting his LeBron jersey and himself on fire on Sunday after the Decision 2.0 came down via a Woj Bomb.
Just look at the elements to this one:
• Milwaukee’s Best
• Weed eater fuel
• Browns (?) stomach tat
• One of the best fire pit designs you’ll ever see
• Is that a piece of charcoal that he’s holding?
• His hand on fire
Look, there are some on Twitter who get all offended when I show videos of people burning jerseys, burning NFL gear after the whole anthem thing, etc. They think I’m attacking them personally or their cities.
Folks, I’m showing dumb people. It’s that simple. Humanity has been laughing at dumb people for hundreds of years. I’m not attacking your city, your team, your family. You can save the complex that you’ve developed over the last 3-4 years on the Internet.
Feel free to laugh again at dumb people. It’s OK. I give you permission.

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