27 NSFWBDs React To LeBron Signing With Lakers

Oh boy, the NSFWBD Kobe fans are not happy tonight. They are not happy that LeBron has signed with the Lakers and there’s now going to be a greatest of all time discussion 24/7 on the hot take shows. They know it’s coming and they don’t want anything to do with it. They’re Kobe for life and Bron Bron isn’t going to change that.

There’s also the BD Laker fans who don’t want Cleveland or Bron fans jumping on the bandwagon just because the guy has signed out west. They don’t want the dicc riders that come along with Bron. This is stuff I wasn’t thinking when word came down from my Cleveland bartender sources in early June that Bron was headed to L.A. I just figured that all Laker fans were dicc riders and there wasn’t a segment of that society that grew up as legit fans.

Emotions are clearly all over the place tonight since this big news came down, but I wanted you guys to see the initial reaction before I get on the couch and get ready for another big week of blogging.

LeBron James has officially signed with the Lakers. 😱 pic.twitter.com/a5d8grCzSe

— Cycle (@bycycle) July 2, 2018