17 NSFWBDs React To Bronny James Nearly Dunking In A Game While Dad Was In The Stands

It’s the type of story that you’d expect to show up this time of year when the World Cup and baseball are the options for Twitter and the NSFWBDs. The big news Sunday was that Bronny James nearly dunked in a game and it was also a near dunk while his dad was in the stands.
And this one has actual debate attached to it. You have the BDs who are impressed by the thought of a junior high Bronny throwing down on some Washington General types during yet another summer tournament. Then you have the other BDs who aren’t impressed because they know or have seen dozens of 8th graders who can dunk.
Here I am just letting the debate do its thing and turn into yet another NSFWBDs post. Love the emotions.
While we’re here, can we all talk about how bad #15 is with the ball at the beginning of the video? That’s the level of competition Bronny is playing against? Bron is wasting his money having his kid playing against that kind of talent. He needs to be playing against the 17-18 year olds.

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