Did This Flashing Fan Cause Arkansas To Choke Away The College World Series?

As we wait for the first domino to fall in what’s about to be a wild NBA off-season, the sports story of the night came from the College World Series and this epic choke job by Arkansas. They were a pop up in foul territory away from winning game 2 and holding that ugly ass National Championship trophy. The game was flat out over. Instead, three guys watched it fall right in between them, which sparked an Oregon State rally, which forced a rubber match tonight.
This morning, people are taking a closer look at the play to see what actually happened. Was it just poor communication between the fielders? Sure, that could be a reasonable explanation. You see this every now and then even at the big league level.
But how about this theory? What about this fan flashing the players right as the ball is falling. Did this kid single-handedly change the outcome of a CWS game? I think an argument can be made here.

Now, in the video, it appears nobody actually directly looks at him, but let’s not forget about peripheral vision here. That bare white chest catching the corner of these guys’ eyes could’ve been all it took to distract them from coming down with this popup. I think this theory has some validity.
Poor Arkansas. Poor Arkansas fans. I’m not sure how they come back from this tonight.

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