Angels Reliever Jake Jewell Suffers Nasty Ankle Injury

I’m not sure if it’s just me or if this is actually a true statement, but it feels like we’ve had more gruesome leg/ankle injuries in the last couple of years than normal right? It seems like every few months, no matter the sport, somebody’s leg is getting snapped or ankle getting bent in 47 different directions.
Maybe it’s the fact that we have so many different camera angles now? I don’t know, but these injuries seem to be occurring more often than I used to remember. Just go back within the last 9 months or so and we have Gordon Hayward snapping his leg into two on the opening night of the NBA season and Zach Miller’s knee exploding in New Orleans.

Now we have Angels rookie Jake Jewell last night just ruining his ankle on a play at home plate. Granted this one didn’t look as bad as those other two, but this one got about as squeamish as it can get without a full-on break.

What sucks about this one is this guy was just making his third career big league appearance and had just gotten called up again earlier in the day. Now I’m assuming his season is probably done. He got stretchered off and taken straight to a hospital after this.
It always seems like the worst timing with these injuries. Hayward was the first game of the season with his new squad, Zach Miller getting his TD taken away, and now Jewell just getting another taste of the MLB. Brutal.

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