China Klay Thompson Dominates School Beauty Pageant

I wish I loved anything as much as Klay Thompson loves going to China every off-season. Last year, he dominated the far east so much that he literally earned himself the nickname “China Klay”. This year, he’s back for seconds after yet another championship under his belt and he’s living his best life once again.

There’s a reason he makes this visit every year. He’s out promoting his shoe brand Anta, but at this point, I think he loves it so much he might just end up going there for free after his deal ends. Earlier in the week, he went semi-viral for getting involved in a little pickup game scuffle. Today we’ll stick to a lighter story: just Klay dominating a Chinese elementary school beauty pageant.

This is where we’re at in the NBA summer. Just waiting for the free agency dominoes to fall, so we’re posting about Klay Thompson in Chinese beauty pageants. Enjoy it until this weekend when we’ll hopefully finally get some real news.

Here’s a recap of 2017 China Klay


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