Klay Thompson Stays Hot In China: “We The Champions Motharf–ka!”


At this point it seems like Klay Thompson knows we’re looking for viral content out of him while he’s on that Chinese trip where he’s selling millions of shoes and putting the pressure on Kobe, MJ, Bron, Melo, etc. to get over there to stop the bleeding while Klay’s cleaning up.

And it appears Klay’s brilliant plan includes owning the Chinese viral video game. I know, it’s a new frontier. Think of all the Chinese bros who’re getting a phone for the first time and discovering viral content. It’s gotta be like the golden era of Twitter before social justice sucked the life out of the app.

Klay gets on the mic at a club, drops a “We the champions mothafu-cka” and it goes viral in China. Next thing you know the video has 1 billion RTs and he sells another 10 million shoes.

Steph might’ve got $40 million a year the other night, but the real winner this weekend is Klay Thompson. Guy owns China.


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