LeBron Finally Followed Back Jayson Tatum After Six Years

Hmmmmm. We all know this is the prime part of the NBA calendar where everyone starts to read into every single thing on social media, so what can we draw from this? Remember this old tweet from Jayson Tatum blew up during the Eastern Conference Finals where a young Tatum asked LeBron to follow him back on Twitter. Since LeBron was supposedly not on social media for entire playoffs (even though he definitely was), he never got around to it.
Now we’re a day before LeBron has to decide whether he wants to opt out of his contract and decides that this is the day he’ll return that follow. I don’t want to get too deep into any conspiracy theories on here, but I’m just connecting some dots.
Or maybe he’s just finally paying the respects this dunk deserves.

Let’s not forget that Boston is now firmly in the Kawhi Leonard mix and the rumor of Bron wanting to play with him has been out there for a while now. Is there any way Boston could finagle their way into getting both of them? I’m no capologist, but like I said, I’m just connecting dots.

Meanwhile…let’s check in on LeBron and his stressful decision

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