VIDEO: Florida Man Rides On The Hood Of A Car Going 70 MPH

“What in the actual ****?”
“I’m so ****ing confused right now.”
Those were the thoughts Twitter user @danimidah had when he saw a man holding on to the hood of a Mercedes-Benz traveling on I-95 in South Florida over the weekend. As you can see above, it’s fair to speculate Florida man was involved in some sort of lovers’ quarrel here, but who really knows? Fortunately the driver, a woman, didn’t slam on the breaks at any point or this guy would be done for good.
@danimidah followed up and said he called highway patrol, but has no idea how his this incident concluded.

As a side story to this classic Florida man story, commenters on @danimidah’s Twitter video don’t seem happy that he was dropping N-bombs like it was no big deal.

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