Meet Anna Lewandowska — Wife Of Poland Striker Robert Lewandowski

All eyes are on team captain Robert Lewandowski today as Poland needs a win — or at the very least, a draw — over Colombia to keep themselves afloat in Group H. The Bayern Munich star, who is Poland’s top goal scorer all time (55), was held without a score in his team’s loss to Senegal last week. The plus side? His wife Anna Lewandowska made some headlines by giving poor Rob a kiss after the L:
Anna, who is an IG star with 1.8 million followers, is an athlete herself, as a graduate of the Academy of Physical Education and karate specialist — she has won 29 Polish championship medals in her career. Her Instagram bio notes she’s also a nutrition specialist and author. Her blog is called Healthy Plan By Ann.
Anna and Robert married in 2013 and have one daughter together.

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