Florida State Fan Arrested For Stealing 7 Zoo Animals, Keeping Them In His Apartment

via 4News Gainesville
Florida State fan Sedrick Price is in some trouble this week for what police say is grand larceny of zoo animals from the teaching zoo at Santa Fe College in Florida. Cops say three Florida box turtles, two red-foot tortoises, a skink and a squirrel monkey were found in Price’s apartment and now he has to answer to charges he stole the animals.
Now for the really bad news: Cops are still looking for four more stolen animals. That’s right, I’ve never covered a Florida Man story like this in the 10 1/2 years BC has been in existence. NEVER. And my money would’ve been on Price being a Florida Gators fan. Nope.
From the 4News Gainesville i-Team:

Investigators say a tip led them to Price’s apartment at the Crossings at Santa Fe Apartments where they recovered seven of the 11 stolen animals. Six of the recovered animals were stolen last week and one was stolen two weeks ago.
Officials say they’re still trying to find the remaining four animals, some of which need medical attention.
“We have made an arrest in the case of the missing animals,” SFPD Captain Ryan Woods said in a statement. Price “was arrested for his involvement in the case and is charged with grand theft. Our investigation is continuing, and we are still concerned for the safety of the missing animals and we hope we are able to recover them quickly.”

The animals that haven’t been found include two gopher tortoises and two box turtles. As a reputable Internet Journalist, I went looking for evidence of Sedrick Price social media and found a Facebook page that doesn’t show much interest in animals. I did find one share from Sedrick of an elephant rescuing a man.
I also looked through Sed’s LIKES and not a single TV show based on animals. No Animal Planet. Nothing. This one is very strange.
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