Lakers Fan Buys Over 40 Billboards To Recruit Paul George To LA
Someone should have told LA-based lawyer Jacob Emrani that Paul George is going to have his offseason documented by ESPN in a three-part series (and is basically a lock to go to the Lakers), because the guy reportedly dug deep into his wallet to put up PG recruitment billboards all over the city.

And when we say “all over the city,” we mean that literally. ESPN’s Ohm Youngmisuk reports Emrani, a personal injury lawyer who also put LeBron billboards in March, bought over 40 of them after reading reports about George possibly returning to OKC. The billboards, as one would imagine, are incredibly lame, but they should at least sucker in potential Laker fan clients.

The six differently designed billboards all include the hashtag “#PG2LA.” Three designs are focused on George and another three make pitches for James with George. One billboard says “COME HOME” in purple and gold with an image of George, a Los Angeles County native. Another states “CAN’T SPELL PURPLE AND GOLD WITHOUT PG” with George’s image on it while another says “OUR TIME HAS COME!”
The three boards that are aimed at both George and James include one that has the message “#PG2LA + THE KING = ANOTHER RING.” Another one has two images of Lakers jerseys with James and George’s name on them and the message “NO TWITTER BURNER ACCOUNTS HERE” accompanied by #PG2LA and #LABron. The final billboard design has the images of James and George with the hashtags #LABron and #PG2LA in the middle of the board.

If the billboards aren’t enough to lure in PG and LeBron, there are also commercials running:

This should tell you all you need to know about how fragile Lakers fans are right now. One bad five-year run and the ritzy portion of their fanbase is resorting to gimmicks to lure stars over to the team. God forbid a franchise that has 16 titles endures another mediocre season!

Hopefully #PG2LA goes better than #StayD12:

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The Lakers' Free Agency Pitch For Paul George Is Cheesy As Hell
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