The Lakers' Free Agency Pitch For Paul George Is Cheesy As Hell

Paul George to the Lakers should be one of the givens of the upcoming NBA free agency period, but after reading the team’s leaked pitch, I’m not so sure. Sports Illustrated’d Robin Lundberg obtained a snippet of the Lakers’ recruiting pitch, which reveals the team is going full blown Hollywood in their attempt to lure PG from the Thunder.
From SI:

The person recruited to do the voiceover was told that it should be “less Morgan Freeman/Denzel Washington, and more Jamie Foxx.”
The pitch entitled “Two Dreams” makes hints about who the pitch is for.
The text reads:
When you were just a kid
In your room
Dreaming from Palmdale
We were dreaming too.
While you dreamt, we built – built for your arrival
And while we dreamt, you built too
Becoming one of the world’s greatest.
Life’s most powerful dream are the one we realize ourselves.
The ones that turn us into legends.
That kid from Palmdale always knew it
Now the world will, too

Corny. As. ****. To say the least. And so much for the Lakers focusing more on basketball than Hollywood in these free agency pitches.
That being said, if PG is a narcissist he’ll probably love this ridiculous homecoming narrative the Lakers are selling. It’s a total possibility given ESPN announced Monday his offseason will be documented in a three-part series on SportsCenter.
Sidenote: When exactly did Paul George become such a Lakers guy? It’s been reported in the past that he grew up a Clippers fan and wanted to be drafted by them.

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