28 NSFWBDs React To IHOP's Name Change To IHOB

This isn’t some sort of marketing joke from IHOP. They’re really changing their name to IHOB and rebranding as a burger joint. That’s right, you won’t go for the pancakes like back in the day when you were hungover and there wasn’t a Waffle House in town.
Of course there was significant reaction to the news from the BDs. They are LIT AF over this news and they’re having a hard time thinking about calling the place IHOB after it became a staple. The BDs clearly aren’t sold on burgers from a pancake house. That means IHOB has its work cutout for them and these burgers they’re pimping out.
In other news, I’m starting to think that the social media agency running the Wendy’s account is now running the IHOB account. Just a hunch.
From CNN:

IHOP said on Monday that it’s temporarily changing its branding because the B stands for burgers.

It’s only a marketing campaign. IHOP isn’t changing its name. But the chain of breakfast diners took social media by storm last week with the cryptic announcement that it was flipping the lowercase “p” in its logo and making it a “b.”

IHOP, of course, stands for International House of Pancakes. But IHOP — sorry, IHOb — wants to be known as a place to get lunch and dinner, not just breakfast and brunch. It’s adding several burgers to its menu, including a Big Brunch burger with bacon, a fried egg and browned potato on top.


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