BC Lions Streaker Hires Lawyer, Says He Suffered A "Mild Traumatic Brain Injury" After Getting Laid Out By A Player

The highlight of the CFL weekend did not come from Johnny Manziel after he failed to get any snaps in the TiCats opener, but rather from this fan who stripped down to his skivvies and ran onto the field before getting absolutely leveled by a BC Lions player. Never saw it coming.

Now, in a wild turn of events, this fan has lawyered up and he’s going straight for the CTE angle. He’s now claiming that this hit caused him a “mild traumatic brain injury”.  On one hand, I can’t blame him for going after his bag. On the other, well, he made his own bed here.
Details from the Toronto Star:

A partially clothed fan who was hit by a B.C. Lions player has retained the services of a law firm.
In a statement released Wednesday, Preszler Law Firm said the fan “suffered serious injuries, including a mild traumatic brain injury, as a result of being violently struck by BC Lions player Marcell Young.”

So no official lawsuit yet, but you have to think that’s coming down the pipe, right? Why else would he hire a legal team? And CTE is so hot in the streets right now that I think he could probably get some money out of this. Either through a settlement or a straight up win.
I think from now on –  just to avoid this in the future, while also keeping us entertained by streakers – we just need to make everything that happens on the field fair game. If you get leveled by a player, you knew the risk when you took it. If a former high school football player security guard dips into his past and lays a clean one on you, that’s part of the deal. I can promise you we will still have maniacs who run out there.

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