BC Lions Player Absolutely Destroys One Of His Own Fans Who Ran Onto The Field

Who says we can’t get some drunk football fan content on a Sunday morning in June? What a surprise in the middle of the summer. Johnny shows up the CFL and the content just starts to roll in, I guess.
This is a great video for a few reasons. For one, you think it’s just your average streaker video featuring some hammered idiot who made his way onto the field that will be eventually corralled by the boys in the yellow. Instead, we get the twist ending of the player laying the absolute WOOD to this guy. Beautiful. I can’t imagine how many players dream of this without actually going through with it. This guy just said, “F*CK IT”.
Another reason it’s great is that HE HIT ONE OF HIS OWN FANS. This is straight up BC Lion on BC Lion crime. Never in a million years did this fan see that coming. I guarantee he figured that if ran closer to the orange uniforms he would be safe. A Lions player surely wouldn’t take him out if he was rocking the same jersey. He figured wrong.

Let’s get to some more angles


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