Oregon Is Trying To Pass A Law To Allow Ducks Fans To Drink Longer Before Games

While most college administrations are worrying about cutting down on the number of drunk ass fans who make their way into any given stadium on Saturdays in the fall, Oregon is going the other way with it. They want Ducks fans to drink more. 
Well, at least that’s how I interpret this law UO is trying to get Eugene city council to pass ahead of this upcoming season. This all starts to make sense when you go back and look at the leaders in fan ejections that I blogged last year. The Ducks sat nice and pretty in the #3 spot.


UO fans are apparently a wild bunch. Who knew? Just getting tossed left and right. Now Oregon wants them to get even more lit before games this season.
From the Registers Guard:

The University of Oregon wants to add two hours to the time before games where it’s legal to consume alcohol in parking lots around Autzen Stadium. Football fans now can drink legally in the lots for four hours before kickoff.
The Eugene City Council would have to change city code to extend the time that alcohol can be consumed in tailgate reserved parking lots to a total of six hours before games.
Depending on when the game starts, tailgating activities could start as early as 7 a.m.
UO athletic department officials say the additional time will enhance the experience for fans and decrease traffic congestion before games, including on Interstate 5.

Oregon’s athletic director explains further:

“Sixty percent of our current football season ticket base comes from beyond Lane, Linn and Benton counties,” Roedl said. “Which means they are driving a significant distance, often three to four hours round trip, to come to Oregon football games. So, it’s truly an all-day commitment to come.”

This is just another step towards alcohol sales in stadiums. Some have already made that jump and eventually, it will every big stadium across the country. I mean, we have schools ASKING people to get even more hammered before games. A truly incredible turn of events.

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