Wild Mexican League BaseBrawl Broke Out That Included Fans Throwing Garbage At The Players

via LMB En Vivo
It’s been a FANTASTIC week for baseball fights and we’re ending it this afternoon on a high note. We kicked things off on Sunday with former MLBer Mat Latos (still out here grinding in an independent league) throwing at a guy sparking a big-time brawl, then we Rangers catcher Robinson Chirinos catching a truck stick from Matt Kemp at the plate Wednesday night, and now we have the Mexican League getting in the mix.

This video has everything you want out of a basebrawl. Actual punches being thrown and landed, the bullpen running in and getting involved before things died down for once, and just as a little bonus, fans throwing garbage onto the field and at the players.

MLB fights rarely get to this level anymore. Either give me a bloodbath with fisticuffs flying or just don’t waste our time. We’re trying to speed the game up here. Pace of play, people. Either stop talking or start fighting and take notes from the Mexican League. They sure know how to throw down.

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