The MLB Is Trying To Scrub This Video Of Terry Collins Arguing With An Umpire From The Internet
So, this old video from 2016 of Terry Collins losing his damn mind on a mic’d up umpire after Noah Syndergaard threw behind Chase Utley went viral this week. Why did it go viral? Well, because we rarely get to hear these interactions between managers and umpires. All we see is them face to face, with spit flying and maybe a little kicked dirt before the manager gets tossed and waddles back into the clubhouse. It was a rare look inside a manager-ump argument and it was glorious. It was everything we could’ve hoped for.
Now the MLB is trying to scrub it from the internet for some reason. It was up for a solid 24 hours before the MLB hammer came down and ordered it gone from the internet. Chances are if you’re reading this a week from now, that video above will be gone, too.
They say it’s a CBA issue. I say it’s the MLB being the same old, crusty MLB.

This is a prime example of why baseball is so far behind the other sports. For those who don’t know, the MLB comes down HARD on people who share their content without consent. You tweet out a highlight from a random MLB game and you can basically count down the minutes before your account is suspended for copyright infringement. LA James and I, two bloggers who live on the internet and constantly share videos, have been given strict orders not to tweet out/IG/etc. pretty much any MLB content because of this.
So they can sit here and do studies for days about how to connect with a younger audience when the answer is sitting there right in front of their dumb faces. How do we think the NBA has grown so much in the last decade? It’s because NBA Twitter is the wild wild west. Anybody and everybody can record a highlight off their TV and share to their followers. If LeBron dunks on somebody, that video will be up in seconds by thousands of people. But when it comes to baseball, if Javy Baez makes some incredible double play, we all have to sit here with our thumbs up our asses until the main MLB account, or somebody else who has paid them for licensing, tweets it out.
If there are legal ramifications because of a CBA agreement, then fine, try and scrub the video. I get it. But that video will live on forever. Every time you suspend an account that shares it, another one will pop up. Welcome to 2018. Figure it out MLB. 


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