Former MLBer Mat Latos Sparks Giant Benches Clearing Brawl At An Independent League Game

Remember Mat Latos? For those who don’t, he was a very solid starting pitcher in the big leagues from the early to mid-2010s and made his last few MLB appearances last years with Blue Jays. He’s still alive and kicking this season but in some random independent league. That’s one of the funniest things about baseball. You can be a legit starting pitcher for 8-9 years, then all of the sudden nobody wants you and you find yourself making $2,500 a month pitching for the New Jersey Jackals.
Yesterday, Latos was involved in a MASSIVE bench-clearing brawl in this CanAm league. The video above was the catalyst for it. A play at the plate that ended with Latos’ catcher taking a nice forearm to the jaw.
This didn’t sit well with Mat so of course, he’s throwing gas at the next batter. That’s when the shit hit the fan. This isn’t your typical pansy MLB brawl. This is a good old-fashioned basebrawl with punches thrown and body slams.

You got Latos slamming someone from on deck circle coming in hot, you got the batter laying his body on the line, it’s everything you want out of a basebrawl. This is an independent league, nobody has anything to lose here. Everyone is living in the moment. Beautiful. Big leaguers could learn a thing or two from this.

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