Oklahoma City Twin Peaks Waitress Gets Arrested For Skimming Credit Cards…ON DAY ONE!

via Oklahoma County Jail
Rachel Tyler had barely worn her flannel belly shirt when she was (allegedly) already trying to ripoff credit card information at an Oklahoma City Twin Peaks where ladies dream of paying the bills via chicken chunks and $6 Leines. Rachel is accused of using a card skimmer on DAY ONE. That’s right, Rachel (allegedly) wasted no time. The heavy spray tan was barely dry and Rachel was going to pound town with that skimmer.
There will be no flannel belly shirt pageants for Ms. Tyler. There will be no college football Saturdays where guys are all jacked up for the Pokes and start throwing around that oil money. There will be no dirty old men doin’ any ass grabbin’ while she’s slangin’ chunks and drafts.
From NewsOk.com:

Oklahoma City police arrested a restaurant employee on her first day on the job Thursday.
Police arrested Rachel Elizabeth Tyler, 34, about 10 p.m. at Twin Peaks, 6500 SW 3, on a complaint of unlawful use of a computer after her manager reported her stealing at work.
The sports bar’s manager told police she saw Tyler consistently swiping customers’ credit cards by one of her pockets. After reviewing surveillance footage, she determined Tyler was using a skimmer to collect credit card information, according to the police report.

This didn’t look like it was going to work out for Ms. Rachel in the first place. Here’s why:

• The hair is a mess and immediately screams that something very bad is going on here
• She went balls to the walls with the bronzer/tanning bed; shows me she’s in desperation mode…MAJOR RED FLAGS!
Now Rachel is going to miss ‘On The Rocks’ week at the Peaks. Tips would’ve been great. See, this is what happens when you get greedy. You waste all that time in training to become a Twin Peaks Girl and then you throw it away so fast. (Allegedly).

Is there more to the story than the local media is reporting? Rachel, email us the full story.

[email protected]

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