Two Warriors Fans Got Jumped In Cleveland After Game 4
Toughhhhhh look here for (allegedly) Cavs fans. You can’t be the lovable loser sports town with one championship in 50 years and then have people going around beating up random fans on the street after you lose another one.
Granted, there isn’t a lot of context to this video, but it was apparently after Game 4 on Friday night according to people who have been sharing it. This cameraman isn’t exactly Spielberg with it, but you can see a guy following Durant and Steph before more guys surround and jump them. Now we don’t know for sure if they are Cavs fans, but if it was in Cleveland after Game 4, I think we can draw the necessary conclusions. Bad look.
Here’s a piece of the caption:

This shit is beyond sad, pathetic & embarrassing 🤦🏽‍♂️
Being emotionally invested in sports serves no purpose.
It’s fun to have debates & share opinions about players, teams, games & sports but having a passion so deep for these billion dollar organizations & multi million dollar players that u hang out outside a game just to do some shit like this is wack.
U gain nothing from the team in your city winning championships besides bragging rights & a false sense of pride.
I didn’t even attend the parade in 2016 for the Cavs for that reason.
It was cool they won but i gained nothing from them winning.
Not even a sense of pride.
The pics i saw kinda upset me a little tho because i couldn’t help but think “damn millions of ppl in the streets gathered together because a team won a game but when it’s some real shit that effects the lives of ppl in this city u won’t see 30 ppl.”
Shit crazy. Imma continue to watch with my eyes & my mind. Stop letting these teams make u mad or even happy.

You guys know how much we love the fan fights around here. A couple weeks ago we had Warriors and Rockets fans throwing down in an elevator. We’re all over that content, but when you start randomly jumping people on the street, that’s when it goes from being good old drunken fun to straight up LAME. Be better tomorrow, Cleveland.


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