Pelicans & Warriors Fans Have A Beef In An Elevator
Word on the IG streets, according to Say Cheese TV, is that this is video of New Orleans Pelicans fans jumping a Warriors fan in an elevator. The BC i-Team cannot independently verify that information so we’ll just go with it until someone lets us know differently.
I do see a guy wearing a Saints pullover so that helps give us a clue that we’re definitely dealing with NOLA fans of some sort here. You can also see a guy in a Warriors jersey getting worked.
Look, I have to hear from NBA talking heads — like @ACBellino  — that you never see shenanigans from fans connected to the NBA.. It only happens at hockey rinks because hockey fans are horrible humans, blah, blah, blah.
Hell, this is at a casino!
[HT: VladTV]

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Sadly Jose Calderon's Net Worth Is Not $2.2 Billion
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