Kyrie Irving Is Still Out Here Spewing Flat Earth Takes
While the Warriors were stomping the Cavs last night on their way to another ring in what turned out to be a boring ass Finals, we had Kyrie Irving out here still pushing his flat earth theory. Luckily, Game 4 was a massacre to close out the series, so this little story didn’t go as unnoticed as it could’ve gone last night.
He’s still calling science a liar sometimes.

Kyrie did an interview with the NY Times where he was basically asked to confirm yes or no on whether he believes the earth is actually flat. Now, remember, after initially throwing out his nonsense conspiracy theory last year, he hasn’t really straight up answered this question. He’s basically just danced around it everytime somebody has asked him about it.
So this interviewer cut right to the chase and tried to get a concrete answer to what Kyrie believes the Earth’s shape is. It didn’t work.
So at this point, he’s just rambling, still not answering the question. Then he was asked straight up again if he believes it or not, which led to more rambling.
Who knows what this guy believes. It’s hard to tell if he’s trolling everybody or if he’s a halfway crazy person who happens to awesome at basketball. Either way, the fact that real humans have gone into space and looked at a spherical earth with real human eyes, should be enough information to believe it’s round. Instead, Kyrie is basing his theories off of scientists from 800 years ago.
At least he’s not influencing our younger generations or anything.

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