For the Degenerates: Odds For NBA Players With Burner Accounts–HnMq/?hl=en&taken-by=kevindurant

Now this is what I’m talking about. With sports gambling soon to be legal everywhere we can all waste our money on stuff that really matters, like which NBA player is next to pull a Barbara Bottini/KD and blow his cover on a burner account. (via Silver Screen & Roll’s Harrison Feigen) did important work recently and came up with an expansive list of players who could get caught in the future. Everyone on it is a notable All-Star player, with the exception of Lonzo Ball and JR Smith:
Looking at that pool of names you could talk me into putting $100 on Damian Lillard at +8000. No one in the league weeps more over not making the All-Star Game than that guy. Also bitching over garbage time layups? I could see it.
Sidenote: Hassan Whiteside should be the favorite.

Bryan Colangelo's Statement: IT WAS MY WIFE!
Bryan Colangelo's Statement: IT WAS MY WIFE!
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