Does Hassan Whiteside Have a Burner Twitter Account?

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ITs almost that time

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Who needs a lopsided NBA Finals matchup when you have NBA Twitter devoting all of their time to uncovering which execs and players have burners on Twitter? Sure. LeBron might push the Warriors to six games. But we’ve seen that show before, and it ends with a Dubs title and everyone hating Kevin Durant. Bryan Colangelo, or possibly his wife, allegedly going at 76ers players and trying to manipulate beat writers? That’s the gossip we need as we head into the offseason.

A sidestory to 76ers drama emerged Wednesday when @Lt_Einhorn alerted everyone that Hassan Whiteside just might have his own burner. He claims the account @Srt8_rich frequently defends the Heat center but has recently gone private:

Hey @World_Wide_Wob best part about this is seeing all the burner accounts of others become private all of a sudden. @str8__rich was always defending Hassan Whiteside, talked just like him. Now private. Shit is everywhere.

— Ray Finkle (@Lt_Einhorn) May 30, 2018

Before unlocking briefly in an attempt to downplay the accusation:

And now he's out here covering his tracks

— Adam Theros (@AT_Niner_Niner) May 30, 2018

Is this Hassan? Who knows. If it isn’t this account there’s probably another one out there. Hopefully it is, though, because the avatar featuring a child with Joel Embiid’s head photoshopped is classic.

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